Behind the Scenes: Interviews & Testimonials
The artists talk of the creation of 2000 Candles and audience members speak of the impact.

Click here for the Faith Today magazine article, Trash Can for a Cradle?

100 Huntley Street report on 2000 Candles
Includes performance clips and interviews with cast members.

Ann Mainse of 100 Huntley Street, CTS Television, says, “After all the fun and the songs 2000 Candles brings it back to the anchor and the meaning of Christmas.”

An Interview with the Director of 2000 Candles, Tom Carson, with Pedro Guevera-Mann of Salt and Light Radio, December 2010.

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A CD audio recording of 2000 Candles is available all year round and can be mail-ordered (for $20 plus shipping) from Scarlet Cord Press by emailing

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Silent Night
Performed by Jeanine Noyes (song) and Richard Peters (rant).

Click here for Richard's story of the revival of 2000 Candles.

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Glenn Sumi, in Toronto's NOW magazine gave the production four stars and said: "It'd be difficult to find a more entertaining or thoughtful holiday offering than 2000 Candles. Performed by a versatile quartet who are asked to sing, act and play instruments. One minute they're a bluegrass band, the next they're a gospel choir. The show's individual pieces are well-rounded, fluid and always theatrical."

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