2000 Candles is a joyous, original musical theatre celebration
of over 2000 Christmases.
2000 Candles is at once contemporary, hip, evocative and delightful. From vignette to vignette, the audience is taken on a journey through Christmas celebrations and traditions on a quest to find its true meaning. More than just a typical "church show", this professional production is accessible and entertaining to a wide audience.

2000 Candles features a versatile cast of four singers/actors who show off their extraordinary talents in each vignette. The creators and performers are professional theatre artists committed to producing work of the highest quality that celebrates our Christian worldview in a relevant way.

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“After all the fun and the songs 2000 Candles brings it back to the anchor and the meaning of Christmas.”
Ann Mainse, 100 Huntley Street, CTS Television

For more information please contact bookings@2000Candles.com